1 in 20 kids need your help

100 Skips a Day at School

Challenge your school in August and help find cures for kids with genetic diseases.

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$1,682,863 raised

$2,500,000 Goal

$1,682,863 raised

$2,500,000 Goal




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Your school can make a difference in 3 easy steps

Get skipping to stay fit AND raise funds to help the 1 in 20 kids (that's one in every classroom) facing a birth defect or genetic disease. All funds go directly to Children’s Medical Research Institute to help find treatments and cures that will save children’s lives.

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Download the 100 Skips a Day calendar so each student and class can track their progress throughout August. We'll give a certificate to the top skippers!

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Real kids, real stories

It can affect you out of nowhere.

You probably know someone who has a condition that is being researched by the team at Children's Medical Research Institute, and they're so close to doing something incredible. Abbey's mum, Irene


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