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1 in 20 kids face a birth defect or genetic disease

Kids just want to be kids, but instead of playing sports with their friends or catching butterflies on a sunny day, kids with genetic diseases are getting liver transplants, taking dozens of medications, or getting their next dose of chemotherapy. It shouldn’t be this way. By donating through Jeans for Genes, you can help the scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute find cures, so these kids can go back to being kids.

No child's life should be cut short. We will do all within our power to change "incurable" to "curable".

You're Making a Difference

Your support is helping us to build the world’s largest cancer proteome database to improve diagnosis and treatment.

You are making ground-breaking research into birth defects, stem cells, and more possible.

And you are supercharging our gene therapy programs so they can bring more cures to Australian children, faster.

You Can Count on Proven Experience

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Children's Medical Research Institute was created by the community for the community.

For 65 years, our mission has been to improve the health of children.

We helped eliminate rubella, introduced care for premature infants, and developed microsurgery techniques for organ transplants that save lives every day.

You're Giving Hope

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The 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease are used to hearing words like “incurable” or “lifelong effects”. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We ask the difficult questions. How do we stop cancer? Can we prevent birth defects and fight genetic diseases?

Our task is not only to provide hope, but to make the future better.

Children's Medical Research Institute was established in 1958 as Australia's first dedicated paediatric research organisation and launched the Jeans for Genes Campaign in 1994 to directly fund new, groundbreaking genetic research.

2024 is also a milestone for Jeans for Genes - which celebrates 30 years of helping to save children's lives!
In that time, millions of Australian's have taken part and donated a combined total of $65.7 million for medical research.
Thank you!