Samantha Lynd

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Why I’m doing Jeans for Genes

People who know me, know about Quinn. She was born with a rare genetic condition (renal tubular dysgenesis) and she didn't survive. It broke out hearts, and 2 years later it still does. So from Quinn's birthday in April through to jeans for genes day in August I'll be hassling people left right and centre... I also know countless people who have benefited from the work that CMRI do so raising funds for this cause is close to my heart for many reasons... it's probably close to yours too if you think about it.

I care about the 1 in 20 Aussie kids who face a birth defect or genetic disease. That’s one in every classroom, maybe someone you know or love. Every day, many of these kids wake up to pills, injections, hospital visits (or worse). They never get the chance to run around and just be kids. If they can endure that, and keep smiling, then the least I can do is fight alongside them. That’s why I’m doing Jeans for Genes and raising money for Children’s Medical Research Institute. I want to give these kids better treatments and maybe even a cure.

Please join me any way you can.

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My Impact

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For every $55 raised, one hour of research is funded