Miah and Neil's Skydive

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Why I'm doing Jeans for Genes

Coz we want life to be an adventure and see if we can lend a helping hand along the way - Jeans for Genes and Children's Medical Research Institute are world leaders - so the little bit we all tip-in here will be used wisely and contribute toward great outcomes - curing genetic diseases - ripper!

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06 Aug 2021 by Neil Cunningham

J4G fambily

06 Aug 2021 by Neil Cunningham

Jeans for Jeans Day - Denim Up + another small delay

Hi everybody - it's Jeans for Genes Day today - denim up at your workplace, school or home depending on where u r - In Sydney we're in lockdown so the family is home-schooling and work-from-home-ing... some photo's of our fambily denim getups

With the further extensions to Sydney's lockdown - we have postponed our skydive again - now on Sat 18'th Sept - can't wait
16 Jul 2021 by Neil Cunningham

Jump delayed - but not abandoned

Hi all

Just to let you know ... with the extension of Sydney's Covdi restrictions our 17 July jump date has become impractical - - so we've postponed until 17 August..

 More time to raise a few more dollars + enjoy the anticipation + an excuse to post another photo... our last adventure 'above the clouds' ... a great morning in the blue mountains followed by a 7 hour bushwalk ... oh the kids lurved that :)

Stay safe and well all - and thanks for all the support
07 Jul 2021 by Neil Cunningham

Improvised lockdown training

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"All the best Miah & Neil with your skydiving adventure. You guys are brave."

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"Good luck! Adrenaline junkies make great now women! Look forward to seeing you out on Kama III."

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