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Why I’m doing Jeans for Genes

We are back again for another year supporting Jeans for Genes. By doing so, we can help discover treatments and cures, for the 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease.

There are so many great ways to support Jeans for Genes and this year we are again running our Harpertastic 1km of Travelling Burpees event. 

In November 2020, we received Harpers genetic testing results back, and they gave us some answers to the questions we’d been asking over time. 

Harpers has a 2 rare genetic mutations - CACNA1E & HK1 - both are neurological related and cause significant developmental delays, epilepsy, vision issues, the list goes on. 

Not only for Harper, but for all the other beautiful children, and adults that have been born with these rare conditions, who struggle everyday or who have lost their lives because of them. If you can help in any way possible by donating a small, or large, amount to this cause, we are ever so grateful 💙 

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Kim donated at 3 days ago

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Sharon Price donated at 5 days ago

$ 109.72

Colleen Angus donated at 5 days ago

"I can’t be there on the day so this is my burpee for you all. You’re an amazing mum Michelle. And all that you advocate for is a credit to you. Love to you all"

$ 21.10

Mango’s donated at 5 days ago

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Vince donated at 7 days ago

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