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Why I’m doing Jeans for Genes’ Bake It Blue

Three years ago, my daughter Ruby came into this world.  Ruby was born with a congenital heart defect.  There are so many kids born every single day just like my Ruby, so this year I am supporting Jeans for Genes because I want to help discover treatments and cures for those 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease.

I’ve decided to host a Bake It Blue Bake Sale and I cannot wait! I’m setting myself the challenge and on Friday 5 August I will be (hopefully) making more blue cupcakes than I ever have before, to sell in awareness and support of raising funds for kids just like Ruby.  Organisations like this really need our support, so please support my bake sale or sign-up to run your own. All proceeds of cupcakes sold will go to Jeans for genes! Pre-order your blue cupcakes ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Latest donations

$ 20

Eva Dafkovski donated at 3 days ago

"Wishing you and your girls always the best in life xxx"

$ 55.92

Denise K donated at 4 days ago

"You are my hero"

$ 2.34k

Maya Stojanovski donated at 4 days ago

$ 21.10

Anonymous donated at 4 days ago

$ 55.92

Matched Giver donated at 5 days ago

"Your donation has been doubled"

$ 55.92

Kate Sobevski donated at 5 days ago

"What a beautiful thing you are doing Maya xx"

$ 53

Marky donated at 2 weeks ago

"You are such a beautiful soul 😘"

$ 50

Michelle And Adam donated at 2 weeks ago

"Wonderful cause Maya. Lots of love xo"

$ 20

Bill Copley donated at 3 weeks ago

$ 58.03

Alison Copley donated at 3 weeks ago

"I'm a bit far away to pick up a box of your extra special blue cupcakes so please bake some for me and give them to someone who maybe is having a hard time xxxxxx and has kids who would love them !!!"

$ 58.03

Belinda Webb donated at 3 weeks ago

"Such a great cause and so proud of you x"

$ 100

Suzi Trajcevski donated at 3 weeks ago

"Since I can’t get to you to have your cupcakes, I’ll donate here. Great cause Maya and all the best with the baking!"

$ 21.10

Emily Bloomfield donated at 3 weeks ago

$ 109.72

Deanna Krilis donated at 3 weeks ago

"Such an important cause, so personal and yet so needed in the world. Good luck, beautiful cuz...bake away! (I wish i could order but not sure how they would arrive!!) Mwah to you 3 precious ladies!"

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