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Why we're doing Jeans for Genes

This year we are supporting Jeans for Genes because we want to help discover treatments and cures, for the 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease.

There are so many great ways to support Jeans for Genes and we’ve decided to do our very own event. Please support us by sponsoring us this year!

Thank you to our Sponsors



With all of our love to Freya, our little warrior


Robert Merton


Beth Crookes


Courtney Carr



Courtney & Simon Kirk


Rachel Merton


Trudy Nguyen

Always praying for you, sweet girl! 😘


Scott.bruce Bruce

Anything I can do help little Princess! xx


Tori Grimbley

You've got this brave Freya 💜


David Anderton

Kick but Freya


Sally Mckenzie