Wear your jeans to support Jeans for Genes Day

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Why I’m doing Jeans for Genes

This year I am supporting Jeans for Genes because I want to help discover treatments and cures for the 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease.

 decided to become an ambassador for Jeans for Genes Day in support of genetic research into diseases that touch so many families including my own.

Our son Charlie suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease and will eventually require a transplant.  Charlie is currently stable and is classed as stage 3. Although stable a simple cold or virus can cause dehydration which can severely effect his kidneys. Unfortunately when we commenced genetic testing, we were one of the families to hear that further testing and research is required before they are able to provide us with further information. 

Families go through enough pain whilst coming to terms with a ill child, but when we don’t have adequate testing to gain answers this just provides a new level of despair.

So I’ve decided to go classic and Wear Denim! Please help me support the vital research Jeans for Genes makes possible.

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